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GasGas ECRanger, the best formula for getting started in enduro to discover new horizons

The off-road motorcycle manufacturer brings back the spirit of adventure of its legendary Pampera, adapting this go-anywhere bike to the demands of today’s riders with the new ECRanger. Light, docile and above all easy to handle, suitable for any type of rider, this is the new bike from GasGas. The ideal formula for all those who love "light enduro" and "trail excursion" and want to enjoy off-road riding like never before without sacrificing the comfort of the new generation of off-road motorcycles.

This new model has its own personality within the GasGas Enduro 2019 range, with a character focused on recreational use unlike its more competition focused stablemates. With differences in temperament but similarities in terms of the EC model base bike for a new GasGas ECRanger that shares the same central spine frame and most of the components, adapting to the needs of the wide range of profiles that make up the world of enduro. A model valid both for hobby riders, as well as for those more daring riders, passionate about extreme enduro, thanks to its versatility and easy handling.

Elastic, progressive engine response
The new ECRanger has been designed for having fun. And for that reason it has been decided to soften its delivery, adopting a new thermodynamic performance and premiering a new cylinder and cylinder head. Changes that have helped to decompress the engine and get a more full and elastic delivery at low speed. While at high revs its output has been limited, sweetening its power and providing that pleasant feeling of always having everything under control. A modern two-stroke engine that will be manufactured in two sizes, 200 and 300 cc and that will be coming off the Salt production line with an exhaust system from the company Tecnigas.

With the frame and suspension, the design of this new GasGas shows the deliberate aim for this model to become an enduro that satisfies the whole range of riders, thanks to its lower seat height and its excellent maneuverability. A height 40 millimeters lower than the range of EC models is achieved by redesigning the suspension.

Comfortable and practical for any use
All these changes add up to a long list of new components in the frame and suspension of the new GasGas ECRanger. For example the new comfortable, padded seat cover or the removal of the traditional kick-start of other models, starting now being taken care of with the new electric start system with lead acid battery.

Quality and reliability in every detail
In the suspensions section, GasGas maintains all its confidence in the renowned quality and reliability of the firm Kayaba, incorporating a new front fork from the Japanese firm, this time 46 millimeters in diameter with open cartridge andcompression and rebound adjustment at the front; and the same adjustable rear shock absorber as used by the EC models, varying only in length, with preload and rebound adjustment. As for the braking system, the new GasGas model uses new NG brand discs - 260 mm front and 240 mm rear - and also new brake calipers and pistons, a system developed exclusively by Braktec for this version.

A parts specification that guarantees control, absorption and traction, deliberately added to by the true sensations transmitted by its 28.6 mm handlebar with central brace, the signature Regina -520/135 non-seal chain- and new tires: Vee Rubber -90 / 90-21 front and 120 / 90-18 rear. The tires are mounted on Excel rims providing extraordinary grip that will surprise even the most experienced enduro riders.

Exclusive graphic design and aesthetics
With the aesthetics, the new ECRanger premieres a very different graphic design from the rest of the GasGas enduro range. A new and attractive image giving greater prominence to the white colour, present both in the frame and in the panels of this new GasGas, a go-anywhere bike that takes up where the historic Pampera left off to adapt to the demands of today’s rider.

The ECRanger will be available at GasGas official dealers as of November.



  • EC model thermodynamic cycle with a new cylinder and cylinder head to give a mild, elastic character to the engine, with increased torque at low revs and limited maximum power to make the bike easier and less demanding in riding style than its stablemates in the EC competition range
  • Incorporation of a new 36 mm carburetor in the 300 cc version
  • Tecnigas exhaust system


  • Special ECRanger 2019 graphic design, with white frame and panels
  • Weight 108kg
  • Tires: Vee Rubber (90/90 / -21 front and 120 / 90-18 rear)Brake discs: NG (Ø260 front and Ø220 rear)
  • Chain: Regina 520/135 RH2 no-seal
  • Brake system, caliper and pistons, developed exclusively for the ECRanger model by Braktec 
  • White frame and panels
  • Redesigned suspension triple clamps to give greater rigidity to the fork system
  • Incorporation of 28.6 mm diameter handlebar with central brace
  • Seat height 40 mm lower than in EC range models (930 mm from the ground)
  • New seat cover
  • Ø46 Kayaba open cartridge forks with compression and rebound adjustment system, and Kayaba rear monoshock with preload, compression and rebound adjustment.
  • Excel rims


  • Electric start system, kick-start is removed
  • Lead-acid battery

GasGas kicks off the EnduroGP World Championship with a podium from Christophe Nambotin

The French rider climbs on to the third step of the E3 podium on Saturday and Matthew van Oevelen debuts with two fourth places in the J1 class.
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Author: Andrea Belluschi (Future7Media)

The international competition season for the GasGas Enduro Factory Team gets off to a great start with a third place from Christophe Nambotin in the German Grand Prix. After a pre-season of intense teamwork, the Frenchman rides to the rhythm of the best and climbs on to the podium in Dahlen.

Matthew van Oevelen makes his debut with GasGas by achieving two outstanding fourth places that get the young Belgian rider a fourth position in the general ranking in his debut in the J1 class. Meanwhile, a foot infection stops the British rider Alex Snow from demonstrating his potential in E1 in this first round of the World Championship.

In a similar vein, there was a good result too for the GasGas riders in the recently launched Enduro Open World Cup. The Portuguese rider Gonçalo Reis was victorious on Saturday and, a day later, the Polish rider Rafal Bracik, also made it onto the podium in the two-stroke category.

After this inaugural meeting, the GasGas team is already looking forward to the next Grand Prix that will take place on the weekend of May 4th and 5th in Valpaços, Portugal.

“It was a good weekend. It was the first event of the season and we did not know exactly what our race pace was. Yesterday I got a good result, fourth in EnduroGP and third in E3. It was all perfect until the last special, when a stone hit the chain, causing damage. This morning, in the first special I got the second-best absolute time, but soon after my bike stopped due to the damage it suffered yesterday and I was unable to keep going. I am happy with the good work we have done throughout this winter, as reflected by the podium finish of the first day. We are still motivated for the next race."
"This has been a good debut for me in the Junior category. The bike ran very well and the team worked well too. Yesterday, after being in third position for a good part of the race, I finished fourth. And today, Sunday, despite the difficulty of the terrain, I was able to finish fourth again. I'm happy to start the World Championship this way, being very close to the podium with my new bike and fourth in the general classification of my category: Junior 1."
"It's been a difficult weekend for me. I did not expect this after having already ridden in a couple of events in Great Britain. I have gone from the 300 to the 250 and I can feel the difference. Last week I got hit in the foot during training and today, Sunday, after yesterday's tough riding, I woke up with a foot infection that has prevented me from competing today. I think we made the right decision. Now I only think about recovering and being ready for the coming GP of Portugal."
E3 – DAY 1    E3 – DAY 2
1. S. Holcombe (Beta) 1:15:19.01       1. S. Holcombe (Beta) 1:12:44.13   
2. D. McCanney (TM) +1:07.36       2. D. McCanney (TM) +43.53   
3. C. Nambotin (GasGas) +2:24.91       C. Nambotin (GasGas) DNF   
E1 - DAY 1
   E1 – DAY 2
1. B. Freeman (Beta) 1:16:50.72       1. B. Freeman (Beta) 1:13:27.66   
2. M. Cavallo (Sherco) +1:31.89       2. D. Guarneri (Honda) +1:51.79   
3. T. Oldrati (Honda) +1:46.91       3. T. Oldrati (Honda) +2:09.16   
A. Snow (GasGas) DNF       A. Snow (GasGas) DNF   
J1 – DAY 1
   J1 – DAY 2
1. A. Verona (TM) 1:18:11.71       1. A. Verona (TM) 1:15.50.62   
2. T. Espinasse (Sherco) +48.38       2. W. Ruprecht (Yamaha) +46.93   
3. W. Ruprecht (Yamaha) +1:26.35       3. T. Espinasse (Sherco) +1:27.67   
4. M. Van Oevelen (GasGas) +2:21.29       4. M. Van Oevelen (GasGas) +2:31.97   
   OPEN 2S - DAY 2
1. G. Reis (GasGas) 54:20.17       1. R. Tucker (Sherco) 56:24.93   
2. R. Tucker (Sherco) +1:29.67       2. R. Bracik (GasGas) +12.38   
3. N. Rambow (KTM) +1:45.15       3. N. Rambow (KTM) +20.28   
5. R. Bracik (GasGas) +3:16.01       5. G. Reis (GasGas) +56.87   

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